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Starring: Karthik Kumar, Shikha, Jayaram, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Anandraj.
Direction: Madhumitha
Music: Selva Ganesh
Production: Giriguja Films International
What do you expect when Crazy Mohan handles the story and dialogues of a film – a laugh a minute experience, nothing else! Well, then that is what you have to expect in Kola Kolaya Mundhirika.

The film has made no pretensions about what it is looking to deliver – fun. We know the Crazy Mohan brand of comedy. Not the slapstick kind; it will be verbal jugglery with each line carrying some kind of funny connotation or the other and you have to be smart to catch each and every one of them. The last time we received the full benefit of Crazy Mohan dialogues was quite a while back, in Panchathanthiram. Anyone would agree that the film had to be watched more than once to enjoy all the jokes that were served. We would be too busy laughing at one funny line without noticing that another couple had gone by.
  Kola Kolaya Mundhirika
So, what is Kola Kolaya Mundhirika all about? It will be kind of a treasure hunt, something that has formed the core of many thrillers as well laughathons over the years. Karthik Kumar and co. form the protagonists’ team who are the rightful inheritors of the ‘treasure’. But, as one would suspect, there is an antagonist’s team as well that is trying to lay their hands on the ‘treasure’. And, in the midst of it all there is a cop who is trying to make sense and bring sanity to proceedings.

The cast is packed with people who are known for their comic timing and dialogue delivery. Karthik Kumar might be a bit of a newcomer to the genre but he has proved his worth as an actor and with his theater experience, he might be expected to pull off most of the theatrical moments that are bound to occur in a comedy like this. That apart there are people like M.S. Bhaskar, who is in top form at the moment with films like Thamizh Padam and IKMS this year. There is also Radha Ravi, looking as though he is the lead antagonist. The actor’s ability to bring in a streak of sarcasm and dry humor even into the roughest of roles is well known. And, as the cop we have Jayaram who excels in situations strewn with humor. The effect that he had in Panchathanthiram is proof enough of his skills.

So, we have a complete package for a no holds barred comedy fest. Surprisingly, this comedy is directed by Madhumita, the lady who made Vallamai Thaaraayo. Lady directors are generally not expected to step into this genre, but V.Priya did try something (though not quite as full fledged as this) similar in Kannamoochi Yenada. It will be interesting to watch the results this time, especially because Madhumita is also in charge of the screenplay.
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