Kanthaswamy Movie Preview
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Starring: Vikram, Shriya, Prabhu, Vadivelu.
Direction: Susi Ganesan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production: Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Batman, Spiderman and Superman can step aside - Tamil cinema’s first official superhero strikes this Friday. After a long two year wait, Kanthaswamy is ready for release and it promises a spectacle that has never before been seen in Kollywood. Can Kanthaswamy revolutionize Kollywood?

Right from the late months of 2007, when its trailer and glitzy launch set the ball rolling, Kanthaswamy has been high on the priority list of Kollywood. Produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu, this is Susi Ganesan’s first really big project and something that greatly excited Vikram. What else would have made him give more than a year of his time to one movie?

Kanthaswamy is all about black money, Swiss bank accounts and one man’s mission to bring it all back to where it belongs, India. Yes, it is a crusade against black money led by Kanthaswamy. What has been promised is high octane action that will send the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Shot on a lavish scale in and around locations spread all over the world, Kanthaswamy will be a grand visual experience covering the busy cityscapes in India to the planes of Mexico.

Well, what is the USP of Kanthaswamy. The thrilling action scenes, the visual richness or is it something else? Of course, it has to be Vikram. The challenge of multiple get ups in a movie seems to excite this actor who loves challenges. We got a glimpse of what we would be seeing on screen in the first trailer that was launched, a trailer that inspired many an article and discussion. What exactly is he playing in the movie? An investigative officer who gets into various guises to uncover the truth! Well, whatever it is, one has to admit that watching Vikram in get ups as different as superhero, senile man and middle aged lady is incentive enough to catch Kanthaswamy in theaters.

There is also Shriya to add to the viewing experience. In an out-and-out Vikram movie, she will be the eye candy, as she had been in many films before. The actress has gone on record saying that this is one of the movies in which she has looked her best. We will soon find out.

The action, the adrenaline, the Cheeyan Vikram X factor, multiple get ups are enough reasons for one to eagerly await Kanthaswamy. Add to it the musical score which again has Vikram playing the lead with a few peppy songs, set to tune by Devi Sri Prasad, it is hard to resist what Kanthaswamy has to offer. Yes, we have been waiting since 2007 and the wait comes to an end this Friday. May Kanthaswamy be worth the wait and more.

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