Kadhal Kadhai Movie Preview
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Starring: Sherlidas, Prithy, Rangayani
Direction: Velu Prabhakaran
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: JSK Film Corporation
Does love exist? Director Velu Prabhakaran tries to question what is perhaps one of the first emotions that was felt by man. True love is only a myth, he seems to be reasoning; there is no such thing as true love. It only serves the purpose of misleading youngsters away from their goals in life, wasting away their youth in the quest for something that is not there at all. Love is just a passing emotion, it happens today, disappears tomorrow and can
  Kadhal Kadhai
surface again another day and at another time, the subject may be a completely different person. Love that succeeds may be the first, second or third. It does not matter. That is what the director has tried to say here.

Many years ago, there is said to have been a love affair between the director and the late Silk Smitha which ultimately failed. The director has reportedly inserted a few elements from this story of his life into the movie.

The director has also voiced a few strong opinions about the Indian way of looking at certain things that are considered normal in other parts of the world. Why worry about what another person wears or does, why can’t people carry on with their own business?

Director Velu Prabhakaran has always known to be controversial and outspoken in his opinions and even this film of his ran into trouble with the censor board for its visually explicit content. It is after a long battle and a re-shoot of certain scenes that he has finally managed to get the clearance. Having such strong and radical views about life and love, lets see whether Kadhal kadhai has any impact on the audience. The film stars Rathan, Shirley Das and Preethi. Music has been scored by Ilayaraja.
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