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Evano Oruvan

Evano Oruvan – Standing out from the crowd

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Evano Oruvan
Movie review

Evano Oruvan

Cast : Madhavan, Sangeetha, Seeman

Direction: Nishikanth Kamat

Music: G V Prakash | Background Score: P.Sameer

Production: R. Madhavan, Abbas Mastan

After being in the news for a year and facing myriad hurdles, Nishikant Kamat’s Tamil version of the Marathi thriller Dombivili Fast is finally set to grace the screens on Friday. Usually when a movie faces many stumbling blocks and the release dates are changed so frequently, the film’s prospects at the box-office and people’s expectations turn bleak and only a few ones stand firm and face the box-office chest first. Evano Oruvan is one such rare breed of films.
Evano Oruvan

The movie revolves around a righteous middle class man, Sridhar Vasudevan. Idealistic individual, he leads a perfunctory but normal life with his wife Vatsala (Sangeetha) and two kids Varun and Varsha. Frustrated with corruption, lawlessness and lack of moral values among people around him, he embarks on a journey to cleanse the society only to be found on the wrong side of the law. With Police on his trail, will Sridhar succeed in his cause, is something to be experienced at the theatres.

Themes with one-man crusade against the system are no strange to Tamil audiences, as we have seen many dimensions of it. From Gentleman to Katradhu Tamil, the vigilante story has taken many shapes, but Evano Oruvan not just gets added to that list but ranks one among the top, as the movie treats the issues rather pragmatically and does away with all cinematic liberties.

Standing proof to this point are the incidents shown as happening in the hospital, the police station, and in the school; every common man will relate to those. And the scene in which Madhavan talks to his wife about quitting his job, making their children go to corporation school and leading a life, selling food items will make anyone melt.

Madhavan has always proved that he is a versatile actor and his acting talents are no alien to the film industry. But in Evano Oruvan the actor takes a long stride towards perfectionism, setting a benchmark that will take him another Himalayan feat to better.

When someone comes up with such a top class act, it is quite normal for others in the enterprise to be overshadowed, but Sangeetha, as an annoying wife has delivered a towering performance, which is sure to sweep all the awards for the best female lead. Seeman as the police inspector is a revelation and has given a ten-on-ten performance.

The Director’s conviction on the subject is totally evident, delivering a riveting two hours of entertainment. Special thanks to his decision to completely avoid song routines, the movie unfolds at a brisk pace. We seriously hope, he makes few more movies in Tamil. Cinematography by Sanjay Jadav is first rate; it bridges the gap between real and the reel. P.Sameer has come up with an international standard background score. Dialogues by Madhavan under the supervision of Seeman, leaves an ever-lasting impression on us. Especially the conversation between Madhavan and Seeman in the closing stages can well be quoted as the highlight of the movie.

The recent increase in non-commercial formatted movies becoming big hits have indeed made directors venture into unexplored territories. Evano Oruvan has the ingredients to become a trendsetter on its own right and if it can manage to generate some good word of mouth early on, trade prospects looks good too.

Verdict: Miss this at your own risk

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