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Interview Team : Abhishek Krishnan

The Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara team has been celebrating the success of the movie ever since its release. Celebrating along with the team is Daniel Annie Pope better known as ‘Romba Sumaar Moonji Kumar’, who kick started his career in grand style.

Our Behindwoods Correspondent got in touch with the new talent who shared his experience working in the movie and a little about his past.

How did you land this role?

Director Gokul called me suddenly and said there is a small role for me in a movie Itharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumaara. But after seeing the audition he felt that this role has to be somewhat important and he developed my role in this movie.

Did you feel the impact your dialogue has brought from this film?

A lot... And I have even heard that some girls got my dialogue as their ringtone.

You were in Gokul’s Rowthiram. Does Gokul understand your sense of comedy & timing best?

Yes, I guess that is why I have been placed as Romba Sumaar Moonji Kumar in his movie.

Your work at Thanthi TV is a serious one, but you handle comedy so well, how’s that possible?

Yes, Thanthi TV gives more importance for news. They have 40% entertainment shows as well. I take part in entertainment shows which helps me improve my skills.

You shared screen space with Vijay Sethupathi but many believe that you stole the show in them?

I have done my part under director's control.

Tell us how that particular scene outside the closed wine shop shape up? How many times do you utter your famous dialogue and how many retakes did you take?

I finished it in a single take. The director was satisfied with it.

You’ve grown your beard for a long time, what’s the story behind it? Do you think it’s your identity?

To be frank none of my friends have a well grown beard which they've always wanted to have. As mine is evenly grown I am making their stomach burn... ha ha ha.

How has IABK influenced your career? Have you received any new offers since its release?

Yes I've got lot of offers, especially director Vetrimaaran personally called and wished me. I'm receiving some more offers which will be known to everyone soon.

We also hear that you are a Guinness Record holder. What was it for and why did you attempt it?

I've always loved theatre acting from childhood. When I was in school, only studious kids got chance in acting in dramas and all. So I was waiting to finish my school. As soon as I completed school I learnt acting and I made myself prepared not only in theatre acting, but also in street play as I felt I had to make my building strong. I attempted a Guinness record for longest theatre play. Worked hard for two years for that and finally I got it. The special achievement about this is that no one has broken the record yet.

Will you get tired of obliging to people’s request to utter the same dialogue wherever you go? (“Friendu, love matteru…)

No not at all, because I am very happy about it. It is the main reason for my identification, The only sad part is all other language people ask me and I don't know how to translate it.... ha ha ha...



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