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By Sushmetha | Jun 05, 2022 06:18 PM

The jackpot incident of a woman who bought a sofa online in the United States has shocked many.

US Woman Finds 36000 USD Cash Stuffed In Free Couch

Vicky Umodu from the United States. He moved last week to his new home in Colton, near the state of Los Angeles. Vicky is eager to buy a sofa and chairs at a lower price due to the lack of furniture in the house she bought. Because of this, Vicky plans to buy household items through an online shopping website. Following this, Vicky was surprised to find that the website announced that 2 sofas and more would be added for free.

US Woman Finds 36000 USD Cash Stuffed In Free Couch

Wiki wonders how one can sell 3 items for free. Following this, Vicky contacted the seller by phone. The seller then said, "All of these items belong to a deceased person in our home, so we decided not to sell them for free."

Talking about it, Vicky said, "We don't have any furniture in our new house, so I decided to buy this sofa."

In this case 2 sofas and add have been delivered to Vicky's new home. Then Vicky noticed that the sofa mattress was standing up in a strange way and examined it. He went to the mountain to see that there was a bundle of money inside to open the zip on the mattress.

Speaking about this he said, "When I saw the money I called my son to come soon. I immediately called the person who gave me the sofa and told him the details. God has given me a good life. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Why should I wish for more than that?" Said.

US Woman Finds 36000 USD Cash Stuffed In Free Couch

Following this, Vicky returned the money to the person who provided the sofa. The owner of the sofa said that money was hidden in his house and that his dead relative may have done this. The person who received the money from Vicky gave $ 2,200 to Vicky himself and asked him to buy a new refrigerator.

The incident where a woman returned $ 36,000 from a sofa she bought online for free to her owner has been hotly debated across the United States.


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