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By Sushmetha | May 16, 2022 05:38 PM

The Maracaibo National Prison in Venezuela, considered one of the most dangerous prisons in the world, is about to be converted into a museum.

Maracaibo National Prison plans to convert it into a museum

Located in the Sulia region of Venezuela, the Maracaibo National Prison was built in 1958. Only those involved in major crimes are usually imprisoned in this prison.

As the number of inmates in this prison began to increase over the course of the day, the problem began to come. Groups formed within the prisoners. Fighting between these groups and resulting in death has at one point become routine.

Maracaibo National Prison plans to convert it into a museum

This prison road is also known as the Sebanada Prison. The inmates named Bran the leader who controlled the groups and inmates inside. Conflicts have also arisen due to the involvement of prison inmates in the pursuit of this position. The culmination was a major uprising on January 3, 1994.

Many were killed in clashes between prison groups. More than 150 prisoners were killed in a police crackdown on riot control. During the incident, protesters set fire to several rooms in the jail.

Maracaibo National Prison plans to convert it into a museum

Aside from the prisoners who created the insurgency, the health problems in this prison attracted the attention of the nations of the world. The prison, which houses only 700 inmates, housed 3,400 inmates at one point. Unhygienic water, food and toilet facilities are also sometimes the cause of the struggle.

The world was rocked by the deaths of 69 people in various riots in 2013 at this prison, which was always crowded and incessantly fighting. Venezuela has announced it will close the prison, following international condemnation.

Maracaibo National Prison plans to convert it into a museum

Venezuela has announced that it will turn the prison, which has one of the worst pages in history, into a museum. Known as the worst prison in the world, Maracaibo has been hailed as a national prison museum.

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