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By Anumaggie | May 12, 2022 08:17 PM

There is a saying, "The world cannot exist without water." According to that, water occupies most of the space in the world.

Arizona teen is allergic to water she cannot cry or take shower

In the same way, human beings living in the world have to become more and more water consuming every day of their lives.

Water is essential for many uses for drinking and bathing.

Water is not for us ..

In such a situation, the news about the illness of a 15-year-old woman has caused a stir. Abigail Beck is from Arizona. This student has a rare disease called aquagenic urticaria. This rare disease, which affects one in 200 million people, is said to cause some kind of irritation when water enters the body.

arizona teen is allergic to water she cannot cry or shower

Wait a year ..

Abigail Beck said that when it rains and as the rainwater falls on the body, or when she bathes, the water feels like acid. Thus, Abigail bathes only once every two days. For the past year or so, Abigail has never drunk even a glass of water. Instead, she is taking low-water products such as energy drinks and pomegranate juice.

At the age of 13, Abigail realized she had an allergy to water. In total, only about 100 people are affected by the disease, and reports say that the disease only develops when one is an adult. Due to the rarity of the disease, treatment options are unclear.

arizona teen is allergic to water she cannot cry or shower

Can't even cry ..

Speaking about this, Abigail said, "My own tears cause a reaction where my face goes red and burns really badly. I cry like a normal person and it hurts. Tears are one of the worst parts of it because when you cry, your tears shouldn't burn your skin."

"It slowly progressed and started getting worse over time. When it rained it hurt really badly, it felt like acid. 'I thought it was normal so I asked my mum if rain felt like acid to her when it rained and she said no," Abigail said.




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