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By Anumaggie | Mar 15, 2022 06:56 PM

The Noida Building Research Authority has announced that it will demolish the Super Tech twin towers located in Sector 93A, in just 9 seconds.

Supertech\'s Noida Twin Towers to be demolished in 9 secs

103 meter building

The Supertech, located in Sector 93A, a major part of Noida, has been accused of violating double-building regulations. The residents complained to the Supreme Court that there was not enough space between the buildings.

The Supreme Court, which took up the case, ordered the demolition of the Supertech twin towers. In a hearing on August 30 last year, the judges ruled that the building should be demolished within three months.

103 meter high twin tower to be demolished in 9 secs

The Noida Authority in Roorkee and the Central Building Research Institute have selected Edifice Engineering for this purpose. Edifice Engineering is working with Jet Demolition, a company from South Africa, to demolish the building.


One of these Supertech buildings is 103 meters high and the other is 97 meters high. The total area of ​​the building is 7.5 lakh square feet. The huge building is scheduled to be demolished on May 22. It is reported that explosives between 2,500 kg and 4,000kg will be required.

9 seconds

Speaking on the occasion, Edifice Engineering's partner Utkarsh Mehta said, "The explosion will take place in about 9 seconds. Both buildings will collapse at the same time."

Mehta said between 2,500 and 4,000 kilograms of ammunition would be used, depending on the explosive test to be conducted later this month. Mehta said the explosives were stored at a distance of about 100 km and that the building would be filled with explosives after the blast test.

103 meter high twin tower to be demolished in 9 secs


Mehta further said the company is also preparing two to three layers of wired mesh around columns which would be filled with explosives and laying 'geo-textile fabric' on the ground to stop debris from flying off in an uncontrolled manner.

5 people

On the day the building would be demolished, it is reported that all nearby people would be evacuated 5 hours before the explosion. Only 5 people, including the explosives operator, police officer and the project director, would be reported to be in a safer place in the area during the explosion.

103 meter high twin tower to be demolished in 9 secs

Mehta said measures were being taken to prevent the stones falling down after the eruption from damaging the pipes buried under the ground. All costs will be borne by Supertech. The Noida Authority and the Central Building Research Institute said the site would be handed over to the owner once the building was completely demolished.

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