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By Dharani | Apr 19, 2020 09:43 PM

Wuhan Virology Lab Director Yuan Zhiming has rejected rumours that the deadly Coronavirus originated from his institute before it spread to the world.

Wuhan Virology Lab Chief Denies COVID-19 Origination from Institute!

US President Donald Trump on Saturday said his administration was looking into reports that the Coronavirus "escaped" from a Wuhan laboratory.

"We know what kind of research is going at the institute and how the institute manages viruses and samples. There is no way that virus came from us. We have a strict regulatory regimen. We have code of conduct for research so we are confident of that," Yuan told the state-run CGTN TV channel.

He said since Wuhan is believed to be the starting point of the infection and the Institute of Virology is in Wuhan, "people can't help but make associations."

Referring to US allegations, Yuan said it is unfortunate that some people are "deliberately misleading" people without having any "evidence or knowledge".

"This is entirely based on speculation. Part of the purpose is to confuse people and interfere with our anti-epidemic and scientific activities. They may have achieved their goal in some way but as a scientist and science and technology manager, I know it is impossible."

"The virus cannot be man-made. Besides some scientists believe that to synthesise a virus requires extraordinary intelligence and workload. So never believed that we humans have the capability at this time to create such a virus," he said.

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