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By Vinershea | Aug 10, 2020 06:53 PM

As most of the countries are working together to come up with a vaccine for the deadly virus. Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev revealed that the country will register the world’s first vaccine against the novel coronavirus on August 12. 

russia reveals how world first COVID-19 vaccine will work report

Further talking about the virus, the chief of the lab explained how the vaccine will work against the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Russia is one of several countries, who is racing to be the first to develop a coronavirus vaccine. 

As per Sputnik news agency, Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya National Research Centre, claimed that coronavirus particles used in the anti-COVID-19 vaccine cannot harm the body. Also, the drug used inanimate particles created on the basis of adenovirus and there are no concerns that the vaccine could potentially cause harm to a person’s health.

“The particles and objects that can reproduce their own kind are the ones that are considered alive. The particles in question cannot multiply,” Gintsburg was quoted as saying.

“Some people naturally have a fever when the immune system of the person being vaccinated receives a powerful boost but this "side-effect" can easily be overcome by taking paracetamol,” he further added. 

Meanwhile, a Russian virologist has warned that it could be dangerous for those having antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2. However, a report in The Moscow Times, states that Alexander Chepurnov, a former head of infectious diseases at Vektor, points to the lack of available information and data about the vaccine’s clinical trials as a red flag.

“The danger is there … in terms of the possibility of increasing the disease[‘s severity] with the wrong vaccine,” Chepurnov said. 

The vaccine, which has been developed jointly by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry, will begin clinical trials on June 18. The vaccine will also be effective when the population has developed an immunity.

As per the WHO, six vaccine candidates are currently in the late-stage phase of clinical trials, Sputnik news agency further reports.   

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