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By S Vikram | Feb 21, 2020 11:57 AM

The 9-year-old boy who was bullied at his school over his height, went into depression and cried saying, "Give Me a Rope. I want to Kill Myself" has gained confidence after he was included in NRL game. Earlier the video of the boy was uploaded by the boy's mother on Facebook.

quaden 9-year-old suicide speech video goes viral

The 9-year-old Quaden is the son of Yarraka Bayles from Brisbane, Australia who had undergone bullying at his school over his dwarfism.

When Yarraka picked her son from school on Wednesday, the boy broke in car and started weeping over the inhumane behaviour of the fellow students who bullied him at school.

Totally broken Quaden said, "I just want to stab myself in the heart... I want someone to kill me". The video went viral on the internet and viewed over 4 million times. The mother revealed that the boy had attempted to commit suicide several times before.

Quaden received plenty of support from the indigenous people and one such voice came from National Rugby League (NRL) star Latrell Mitchell who roped the boy into the All Stars NRL game to boost his confidence. Quaden will lead All Stars NRL team in the match on Saturday as reported by Dailymail.

Video Courtesy: DailyMail UK

Note: Suicide is never an option for any life problem. For people struggling from suicidal thoughts, here is a helpline of Sneha (Suicide Prevention) Centre: 044 2464 0050.

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