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By Anumaggie | Mar 17, 2022 03:35 PM

In Sri Lanka, prices of the essential commodities including milk and rice have gone up suddenly. Thus the people of that country have started to protest against the state.

Protests hit Sri Lanka\'s capital amid severe economic crisis

Rising price

Industries around the world are experiencing a severe downturn due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This has led to an increase in the prices of many commodities worldwide. And now, the situation in the neighboring country, Sri Lanka, has worsened. The prices of essential commodities, including milk, rice and bread, have skyrocketed.

At present, milk is sold at Rs.263 (Sri Lanka) per litre and rice at Rs.448 per kg in Sri Lanka. This has left everyone shell-shocked and deeply worried.

Petrol and diesel prices have already risen to an all-time high. In Sri Lanka, petrol is being sold at Rs 283 a litre and diesel at Rs 176 a litre.

Peoples in Srilanka start protest due to economic crisis

Prices of all essential commodities have gone up due to the rise in petrol and diesel prices. In Sri Lanka an egg is sold for 28 rupees. Not only that, an apple is sold for 150 rupees and a kilo of pears for 900 rupees.

Sri Lanka has also been unable to import cooking gas from abroad due to declining foreign exchange reserves. As a result, Sri Lanka's largest gas companies, such as Litro Gas and Lox Gas, have been shut down.

Peoples in Srilanka start protest due to economic crisis

Employment has also fallen sharply as prices of the construction materials, including cement, have risen sharply. Poverty on the one hand and skyrocketing prices on the other hand, the people of Sri Lanka are suffering. The depreciation of the country's currency has created a crisis for the state.


A protest is taking place in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo demanding the immediate resignation of Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Peoples in Srilanka start protest due to economic crisis

The Government has not been able to reduce the value of the Sri Lankan currency to 36 percent. Due to this, people in major cities of Sri Lanka are fighting against the Government.

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