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By S Vikram | Aug 01, 2019 01:13 PM

Life does surprise people with unexpected twists and turn of events through various phases. We have seen emotions of reunited families after years around the globe and even the magic of hope that made people survive the hardest of times. People call such events as ‘Wonders of life’. One such wonder has stuck a 34-year-old musician living in Massachusetts.

Message Bottle of 1998 returned after 21 years in Scotland

The 34-year-old Matt Rhoades had gone for a vacation in Wells, a Town in Main located in the United States while he was a 13-year-old boy. Reportedly Matt told that he was inspired by kids movies involving fantasy and wonders at that time. Therefore, during his vacation in 1998, Rhoades had written a simple message on a piece of paper saying, “Hello, my name is Matt Rhoades. Please write back. Salem, N.H. 35 Colleen Drive. USA.” Then he had just left the paper inside a bottle somewhere along the seashore.

Incredibly, the natural magic has beaten the fictional characters Aladdin’s Magical Lamp that grants wishes and Chitti’s superpower that finds even an escaped mosquito. The ‘Message Bottle’ that Rhodes left in 1998 had travelled 5000 Kms all through these years and finally landed into the sight of Mike Bolam in Scotland on July 2019.

Mike shared the pictures of the bottle containing the message paper via twitter with the caption “#MessageinaBottle Hey Twitter, do you think we can we let young Matt Rhoades from #ColleenDrive #Salem #NH USA know his message in a bottle has been found on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean on the Island of #NorthUist off the North West coast of Scotland #OuterHebrides” (sic)

Apparently, Matt Rhoades was taken aback by surprise. He expressed his amusement saying “There’s my handwriting, everything. All the info. Everything accurate — and I was like, ‘Holy crap, I remember doing this,” to the WHDH TV station. He was further quoted as saying, “I mean honestly, I probably forgot about it like an hour after I did it. I was like a little kid, and just thinking ‘this is so magical.”  Matt also told the sources that if he had known that the bottle would return to him after 21 years, he would have written something interesting or really important.