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By Dharani | Jul 29, 2019 08:06 PM

Babies are always fun. They never fail to entertain us with their own language and sighs. But what if they have teeth? Yes, you read it right! Imagine babies with teeth, isn’t it both hilarious and terrifying?

Indiana Photographer gives babies digital teeth

An Indiana based Photographer named Amy Haehl has given digital teeth to the newborn babies she photographed with permission from their parents. “ I just did it because I thought it was funny and wanted to spread some laughter”, she was quoted as saying by HuffPost.

She uploaded a series of such photographs to Facebook in an album titled “ If babies had teeth!” and it has since been shared 42,000 times. Viewers, to their part, are keeping the post more engaged through comments. One viewer wrote, “ I’m going to have a talk with their dentist!”, while another wrote, “This was so creepy and hilarious.”

Haehl hopes that the series will help people overthrow the seriousness and stress they carry. “ I love to help people see through that (series) as much as I can. I’m a nurse and laughter is the best medicine.”, she told POPSUGAR.