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By S Vikram | Nov 25, 2019 06:20 PM

For one, home can never be equaled to any sort of accommodation in the world. We have seen hippies who travel across the world relying on temporary shelters for time being - at least they do not demand permanent homes to settle down. But not teens who really have a family to look out for. The US News listed a teen girl named Saami who went homeless recently.

Homelessness america affects millions of youths and adults

Saami had a mother who got remarried to another man recently. The little girl did not own the liking of her stepfather who forced her out of the home. Saami had to couch-surf with her friends for shelter and food. The little girl graduated from school only through the support of her friends and non-profit agencies.

Saami is one among the 700,000 teens who are homeless in the US due to various reasons. Most of them have families and had to rely on "Couch-Surfing" and roadside huts for living. Reportedly the federal government is taking steps to provide shelter through 'The Homeless Children and Youth Act' which would amend the Department of Housing and Urban Development definition.

Further measures are taken as per the bill introduced on April 4 with the Education and Labor and Financial Services committees for study. The bill has the support of 15 co-sponsors and over 400 community organizations. As of now, a girl like Saami is not eligible for the federal housing resources for homeless populations, youth, and adults as it is allocated only for those living on street sides. However, reports suggest that it can be rectified in the near future.

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