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By Manishankar | Aug 19, 2021 05:53 PM

From 2015, it has become a trend for many companies to offer 1-2 day’s work from home per week for their employees. With the advent of COVID, more Fortune 500 companies offered full-time remote jobs and remote contract positions temporarily.

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Currently, some companies have initiated back to office plans. Most companies are trying to adopt hybrid work models. Some companies require only one office day a week while others require three office days a week.

Few companies want the workweek to be spread out and want employees to come to office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Many employees are declining to accept this hybrid work model as other companies are offering permanent remote work as a perk for their new job offers.

Approximately 44 % of Americans, ages 12 and up are unvaccinated due to personal beliefs. Worldwide vaccination statistics are not encouraging either due to vaccine shortages. At this point the virus must die by itself due to lack of transmittable hosts who have antibodies either by infection or vaccination.

With the spike of Delta variant there is a good chance that most companies would shelve their back to office plans and allow employees and contractors to work remotely till 2023.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for H4 visa holders who have good technical skills but are limited to find new job opportunities due to location constraints. With remote IT positions, this issue is solved. If an H-1B employee is laid off and the dependent H4 employee finds a new remote position, health insurance benefits can be continued until the H1B primary beneficiary finds another job.

Many H4 employees can also do two remote projects depending on their workload. Employers are in dire need of skilled workers due to COVID H-1B visa travel restrictions.

140,000 employment green cards are normally issued per year. However due to COVID most family based green cards were not issued last year by US embassies abroad and 120,000 extra green cards were rolled over to current year employment-based category. Approximately 260,000 employment based green cards would have been issued by USCIS this year. This would have moved EB2 and EB3 India categories to 2016.

Unfortunately, USCIS 485 processing times have slowed down considerably due to COVID, and these 120,000 extra green cards will be wasted unless they are issued before end of USCIS fiscal year i.e., September 30th, 2021.

A new USCIS director Ur Mendoza Jaddou has been confirmed by the senate. As a child of immigrants herself she may be sympathetic to the letters written by families who are waiting in line for more than a decade to see hundred and twenty thousand green cards wasted due to USCIS delays.

A law firm attorney Greg Siskind has already filed a lawsuit to prevent this extra green card spillover wastage. Many families have joined this lawsuit hoping that a judge can issue a temporary injunction to compel USCIS to issue the employment based green cards before September 30th,2021.

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