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By S Vikram | Oct 17, 2019 09:59 AM

An alarming report from Saudi Arabia states the death of 35 foreigners after a bus collided with another heavy vehicle. Reportedly, the incident happened near the holy city of Medina, Saudi State on October 16 (Wednesday). One NDTV report quoted an official Saudi Press Agency and said that a "Private chartered bus collided with a heavy vehicle (loader)" near the western Saudi Arabian city.

Foreigners dead in Saudi Arabia bus accident, Modi tweets

The victims who lost their lives were identified as Arab and Asian pilgrims based on the report carried by a local media. The media also released pictures of the bus surrounded by flames while its windows were blown out.

The reports, further added that the injured were admitted to Al-Hamna Hospital and Saudi police officials have filed a case for further investigation. Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi responded to the incident via his twitter space. He tweeted saying he was "Anguished" and expressed his condolences while praying for the quick recovery of the injured.

A similar accident happened in the month of April 2018 in which four British pilgrims were killed and 12 injured. The incident happened as the bus collided with a fuel tanker. In a yet another accident on January 2017, 6 Britons were killed including a two-month-old-baby when the pilgrims were on the way to medina from mecca. The country has issued visas to all the tourists recently (before only Muslim pilgrims were given visas) as an initiative to prepare the biggest Arab economy.

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