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By Vinershea | Apr 29, 2020 10:09 PM

At a time when US has become the most affected country in the world due to the deadly coronavirus, a recent report has taken the world by shock after the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had issued at least 12 warnings to US President Donald Trump about the spread of the virus. The warnings were ignored by Trump after which the pandemic gripped the US.

donald trump ignored 12 warnings issued by cia about covid19

As per an ANI report, current and former US intelligence officials told, Trump, had repeatedly ignored warnings which were conveyed in the month of January and February in issues of the President's Daily Brief (PDB). It is a sensitive report that is produced and designed to call the president's attention on global developments and security threats.

For weeks, the PDB traced the virus's spread around the globe and had also made it clear that China was suppressing information about the consequences. The report also raised issues on the political and economic consequences. But Trump downplayed the threat and skipped the reading on aspects of the global outbreak. This information was told to the Washington Post by officials to discuss classified material.

The officials first big step to stop the spread of the virus came in late January when Trump restricted travel ban between the United States and China. According to a Business Standard report, on February 26, the president claimed that the number of cases "within a couple of days is going to be close to zero," while the next day he said "it's like a miracle, it will disappear." But if you go to see, the virus was spreading fast through communities across the United States.

However, this was not the first case, where Senior correspondents of The Washington Post, Greg Miller and Ellen Nakashima, spoke about the US president being  dismissive toward US intelligence agencies throughout his tenure.

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