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By Nidharshana | Sep 14, 2020 11:08 AM

As the speculations regarding the initial spread of the novel coronavirus infection increases, a Chinese virologist has now come forward and asserted that the Chinese government knew about the virus in Wuhan and also added that she has scientific proof.

Chinese virologist proof for covid19 origin in wuhan coverup

Dr Li-Meng the top scientist working in Hong Kong discovered Sars-like cases coming out of China and she also discovered a cover-up operation. She added that the government knew about the spread of the virus even before they publicly acknowledged its spread. She was forced to flee to the United States over safety concerns and on September 11, she took part in a British talk show where she spoke about her research on the disease and the challenges.

Dr Li-Meng had researched about the disease and had produced the results in mid-January with her supervisor who is a consultant at the World Health Organisation. She added that she had expected her supervisor to do the “right thing on behalf of the Chinese government and WHO” but was instead told to “maintain silence or else she would be made to disappear.”

“No one responded, people are scared of the government and they are waiting to collaborate with the government and WHO to get more benefits to become safe but this is [was] something urgent,” Dr Li-Meng said. “I knew if I didn’t tell the world the truth I would be regretful.”

In mid-January she had contacted a very famous Chinese YouTuber in the US and explained that the Chinese government was just covering up Covid-19. She further explained its transmission and the deadly realities of this “high-mutant virus.” To the YouTuber also revealed that the seafood market in Wuhan was simply a cover-up.

“This virus is not from nature. This is based on the China Military Institute that discovered and owned some bad (maybe bat, unable to hear properly) coronavirus named CC45 and ZXC41. Based on that, after lab modification becomes a novel virus.” While speaking of the scientific evidence that she has, she said, “We are going to publish it. There are two reports, the first one will come in several days and it will tell people about the scientific evidence.”

“The genome sequence is like our human fingerprint. So, based on this you can recognise and identify this thing. So, I used the evidence existing in the genome sequence of Sars-CoV-2 to tell people why this came from China, why they are the only one who made it.

“You can check, identify and verify it by yourself. It is the critical thing for us to know the origins of the virus. If not, it will be life threatening for everyone,” she added.

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