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By Vinershea | Nov 20, 2019 02:46 PM

In a shocking case, a man in China was caught slapping his employee after he caught her kissing another man during a kissing competition. He did this horrifying act in front of everyone.  

Boss Slaps Best Friends Wife In Kissing Competition; Video Viral 

According to The Daily Mail reports, the woman whom the man slapped was also his best friend's wife. After seeing her participating in the contest, he got furious and raised his hand on her. 

This incident took place on November 17 in Meitan in southern China’s Guozhou Province and the competition was organised by a local match-making company. In the viral video, the man can be seen running on the stage and walks up to the woman, within seconds he brutally slaps her in front of all.

The man later apologised to the victim after the video went viral. When media contacted him, the Chinese man said that he had slapped the woman because he was supporting his best friend.

He was also shocked to see the woman, as he was one of the sponsors of the event. Further clarifying over his act, the man asserted that, in the competition the rule was, the contestants participating in the kissing competition had to be husband and wife or lovers.

He did not know the man whom his best friend’s wife was kissing which angered him more. The man later extended his apologies to the woman and the matter has been solved among themselves. He also apologised to the people, who became furious soon after the video went viral.

Watch the video below; 

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