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By Nidharshana | Apr 14, 2020 10:40 PM

While the world is fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus, steps are being taken to develop a vaccine to control the infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday, has announced that 70 Coronavirus vaccines are being developed across different countries.

70 Vaccines for COVID-19 are developed; 3 are tested on Humans

Of the 70, three are being tested on humans. China has approved early-stage human tests for two of the experimental coronavirus vaccines, one in Hong Kong’s CanSino Biological Incorporation and the other in the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. The third vaccine is in the US’ Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Moderna/NIAID.

The public statement released by WHO with regards to the development of a vaccine for the COVID-19 said, “As part of WHO’s response to the outbreak, a Research and Development (R&D) Blueprint has been activated to accelerate the development of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics for this novel coronavirus. Under WHO’s coordination, a group of experts with diverse backgrounds is working towards the development of vaccines against COVID-19.”  In a declaration, Scientists, Physicians, and others said, “We are scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers who have come together as part of an international collaboration, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), to help speed the availability of a vaccine against COVID-19. While a vaccine for general use takes time to develop, a vaccine for general use takes time to develop, a vaccine may ultimately be instrumental in controlling this worldwide pandemic.”

While more than half of the countries remain locked down, and the virus spreading fast; “effective vaccines will soon be made available to all,” said the declaration.

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