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By Vinershea | Apr 20, 2019 05:35 PM

In a spine-chilling video, an 18-foot-long giant snake was seen climbing onto a garage roof for safety. According to The Washington post, that snake is a python who is eight-years-old, her name is Juliet, and she had escaped her home in Detroit. She was then seen up on a neighbor's roof, giving everyone quite the SHOCK!

18-foot-long giant snake climbed on a roof top in Detroit, shocks neig

The snake was first noticed by a dog, who barked at her while she was on top of a home in Detroit's East Seven Mile area. The snake which could have easily swallowed the dog remained calm and stayed on the roof for safety. With the dog continuously barking, neighbours came out to inquire but were shocked to the sight they saw. Some took pictures while others shot videos and wondered as to what the giant snake was doing on a roof.

In the video that has gone viral, a neighbour can be seen screaming "It's moving and it's huge!". Hours later, Devin Jones-White Juliet’s (snake) owner was informed about the situation, he rushed to the scene and made her way to the roof to retrieve his pet snake and made it safely to the ground.

The Washington Post further states that, Devin Jones-White, Juliet’s (snake) owner, said that he did not lock up her cage properly that is why she probably moved out of his house and found her way up to the garage roof for safety. "That's what snakes do in the wild. They try to get somewhere safe," he said.

Jones later added that growing unwarranted attention made the giant snake uncomfortable and intimidated. Also, the 18-foot-long snake, native to South and Southeast Asia, eats thawed-out rabbits not humans.