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By S Vikram | Nov 26, 2019 01:12 PM

A  massive tower that measured 108-metre was demolished in Johannesburg on Sunday (November 24). The video of the demolishment has gone viral on the internet. A controlled-demolition was carried out for the former Bank of Lison building.

108 metre lisbon tower demolished in johannesberg SA. Video

In September 2018 a major fire broke out in the building which had taken away the lives of three firefighters while they were fighting the blaze. Therefore, the Gauteng provincial government made a decision to demolish the building after conducting a structural assessment.

The decision by the government was implemented recently by setting up highly equipped demolishment strategies which proved to be successful. In the video, we could listen to shattering sound while the demolishment is in process. Within seconds, we see the large stream of dust in the air. In fact, it was the second-largest building to be demolished as per the reports.

"It was the second-largest building to be demolished. It is standing at 108 metres, the tallest building ever to be demolished was at 114 metres,"  Tasneem Motara, Gauteng Member of the Executive Council for Infrastructure and Property Development was quoted as saying by the reports.

Motara also added that probably it would be the most difficult demolitions they have worked on which was successful. She revealed that the new building to be constructed in the place will have a provincial government department

Video Courtesy: VOA News

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