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By Anumaggie | May 02, 2022 03:41 PM

The bizarre lifestyle of the people living in a hilly village in Tamil Nadu has amazed many.

Tamil Nadu village following living together relationship


The man who lived in caves and valleys has led a different way of life since the time he started traveling as a nomad. People generally set their own rules based on a variety of factors, including the climate in which they live. This has been the tradition for many years. All the cultural customs we see today are created in the past like this. People who live only in one particular place are often surprised by the customs that people in other parts of the world follow.

Tamilnadu Village Following Living together Relationship

That is why rituals like one place in Tamil Nadu do not take place everywhere. In that sense, living in a hill station in Tamil Nadu for many years has come as a surprise to many.

Living Relationship

In this village they deal with different customs during every aspect of life such as menstruation and death of women from marriage. If a person likes a woman, then they have to go to the ladies' house and ask the girl formally. If the woman says OK, they will bring the girl to their house immediately and the groom will come home. One of the villagers said, "If the girl is fixed, we will bring her to our house immediately. She will be in our house for months to get married."

Tamilnadu Village Following Living together Relationship

The village also has restrictions on women entering their homes during menstruation. In those days women were kept to stay a short distance from home. Food will be taken to them from home. If it is cold or rainy season, separate huts can be set up. Similarly, those who leave the home of the deceased should not enter the home until the 8th day or 16th day homage is being paid through a function.


Usually we would have heard the deceased go home and enter the house only after taking a bath. But he will be allowed inside the house only after the 8th day or 16th day tribute event. The person who spoke about it said, "It has been followed since before the arrival of the English. We accept it and live by it."

Tamilnadu Village Following Living together Relationship

Similarly, the people of this village may perform rituals for a woman belonging to this village or their tribe if she marries someone else and assumes that she is dead. The fact is that while man is making tremendous strides in the field of technology and various researches, many of these villagers continue to follow their centuries-old tradition.



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