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By Sushmetha | Jun 07, 2022 11:57 AM

Moganasundaram hails from the Chinniyampalayam area of ​​Coimbatore. He is already married and has two children.

Coimbatore food delivery man about the incident near traffic signal

Mohanasundaram was running a stationery shop with his family in the Chinniyampalayam area when the corona epidemic broke out and there was not much business.

Due to this, Moganasundaram has been working for Swiggy, a food delivery company, for the past two years.

School van collides with bike

Following this, a few days ago, Mohanasundaram was on his way to Puliyankulam Road after taking a food order from a restaurant. A school van reportedly collided with a parked two-wheeler at a signal.

It is said that Mohanasundaram stopped the van in connection with the accident and appealed to the driver. Upon seeing this, the local traffic police arrived at the scene and, without asking for any details, slapped Moganasundaram on the cheek and took away his cellphone and bike keys.

The video, taken by motorists, went viral and caused a stir, with people in the area shocked for a minute. In this case, Mohanasundaram has made some comments about the incident that happened to him.

Speaking on the video, Mohanasundaram said, "As usual, I was going to buy and deliver food when I was standing at the signal when a school van collided head-on with a woman behind a parked bike. Thus, the person riding the bike also complained to the van driver." 

Coimbatore food delivery man about the incident near traffic signal

"Since no one near me was asking about this, I went and asked the van driver a question. The traffic cop, who was standing there at the time, slapped me on the cheek without asking anything. Even though I tried to talk, he was not listening. Then I threw away my headphones and took my mobile phone and bike keys.

After a while, I went to them and asked for my bike key and mobile phone. Even then, the police asked me some questions. In the end, I told them to forgive me if I did anything wrong. Only then did I get my mobile phone and keys. Following this, I set out to deliver the food, "Mohanasundaram said.

Following this, Mohanasundaram's wife also shared some thoughts on what happened to her husband.

Watch the full video on this:


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