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By S Vikram | Nov 19, 2019 06:46 PM

In an alarming incident, a car caught fire while running on the flyover next to Chennai Airport. Reportedly, the incident happened when the car was running towards Apollo Hospital from Salem. There were four members in the car who noticed the fire and had to step down the next moment.

Xylo car was set on fire on Chennai Airport flyover

The incident happened in broad daylight today when Mahindra Xylo car was running over Chennai International Airport flyover. According to Puthiya Thalaimurai report, the car was driven by a person named Sundara Murthy. While his statements regarding the fire was not yet recorded, it is said that the car had four people including the driver.

Though the details of the victims are not revealed, reports say that they were heading towards Apollo Hospital from Salem. While their journey started on a smoother note, they felt something wrong while they were riding over Chennai Airport's flyover. All of a sudden, fumes started to show up from the front of the car and everybody stopped the vehicle and stepped out of the vehicle without any injuries.

Within minutes, the vehicle caught fire and burning profusely. The Fire Service department was called in the next moment and two vehicles from the Tambaram fire department arrived at the spot to put down the fire. Though the fire was put down, the car was completely burnt. While the police officers were investigating the reason for the fire, it was said that the electric leakage from the car battery could be the primary reason.

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