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By Dharani | Jul 31, 2019 07:38 PM

Two women were thrown out of a Private hotel in Chennai around midnight  after accusations of behaving ‘inappropriately’ in public space.

Two women thrown out hotel accusations inappropriate behaviour

The women, Rasika Gopalakrishnan and Shivangi Singh, were at the hotel’s bar when a few men indecently starred at them now and then. The couple claim that they did not do anything unusual for others to notice and were remaining decent. Being made uncomfortable, the two of them walked out from the bar to washroom. In less than five seconds, one woman and two male bouncers knocked the washroom door they were in and accused them of behaving ‘inappropriately.’ Soon, the girls were thrown out of the hotel despite the odd timing.

“We heard frantic knocks at the door. We stepped out, scared, trembling. One woman and two male bouncers were standing right outside the stall, with two other male bouncers lining the way out of the washroom. One of the bouncers shouted at us and said, ‘What were you doing in there?’ I replied, ‘I was helping my friend out, she was feeling sick.’ His immediate response was, ‘Were you helping your friend or were you doing something else?’”, Rasika was quoted as saying by the News Minute.

Rasika wrote about the incident on her Facebook page and tagged the hotel in the post. Soon, Varun, working partner with the hotel, called the girls over phone. Though he conveyed an apology, he was at a stance that the girls were wrong from their side. As the girls denied, he said that he has the CCTV footage of  whatever happened. The couple were sure of their decent behaviour and insisted him to show the footage. But he did not respond. Later, Varun himself dialled the girls and said that there is no need to watch the footage and that the hotel will issue a public apology.

According to a report by the News  Minute, Varun claimed that the girls were over drunk and making out. He alleged that the girls locked themselves up in the washroom for a long time and other customers contacted the hotel management to check on them. He also claims that the girls were not told to vacate the hotel all of a sudden. About the CCTV footage, he said that he is yet to watch it as he was travelling.