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By S Vikram | Jul 28, 2019 09:25 PM

Back in 2012, the LIC to Thousand lights stretch was converted into one way stretch due to the construction of an underground corridor for Chennai Metro. Since then the passengers heading towards DMS from Broadway had to take a cut from LIC, drive through GP Road and Whites Road. The traffic will be reportedly restored back to normal for the commuters since the Metro work is completed.

traffic from LIC to Thousand lights will be restored

As per TOI, the traffic changes made owing to the metro construction will be regulated as the decision was made after having a brief discussion with the Chennai Traffic Police earlier last week. Therefore, once the traffic is regulated the motorists will no longer have to take a circuitous route to travel from Broadway to DMS.

According to the sources, a two-day trial run will be made from August 3 after restoring the traffic at LIC-Thousand lights stretch. In fact, CMRL sources had informed Chennai Traffic Police through a letter stating that they were ready to hand over the LIC- Thousand Lights stretch for the restoration of traffic in June 2019. However, there was no response from the concerned officials at that time.

On July 26 (Friday), traffic was restored at North Boag Road and Mayor Sundararao Road that leads to Nandanam Junction. But later, on July 27 (Saturday) the police restored the traffic to the earlier pattern since the sudden regulation had caused confusion among the passengers. The lack of announcement and signboards were noted as the major reasons for the confusion.