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By S Vikram | Feb 11, 2020 05:49 PM

A woman's case in a village named Koravalli next to Ramanathapuram confused the Child Welfare Centre Officers after a 4th man stepped in claiming to be the father of the woman's 8-month-old baby. 

TN woman marries 4 men, 1 child who is father. report

Who is the 4th Man?

The woman in the case got married to a man (1st man) from Koravalli village 3 years ago as reported by Polimer. Reportedly the woman had been working in a construction site where she had an affair with another man named Vinoth (2nd man). After learning about her affair the woman's wedded husband divorced her.

Later Vinoth accompanied her to Ramanathapuram, hired a seperate house and both of them were living happily. At one point Vinoth moved abroad for job opportunities and had been sending money to the woman regularly.

Unfortunately, the woman got news from abroad that Vinoth died. However, the woman gained the strength to move on with her life and married a physically challenged man (3rd man). Meanwhile, she gave birth to a baby girl. According to the report, the woman handed over the baby to Vinoth's relatives claiming that the baby's father was Vinoth.

Sarath aka Velmurugan (4th man) from Uthirakosamangai filed a complaint at the Child Welfare Centre that the woman sold his 8-month-old baby to somebody else. When the Child Welfare Centre officers investigated the case, they were confused after hearing the stories. Sarath had claimed that while Vinoth (2nd man) was working abroad he developed an affair with the woman and that's how the baby was formed.

Finally, the Child Welfare Centre officers advised the woman and Sarath to file a case at the court asking to conduct DNA test. Reportedly the officers admitted the baby to a Child Protection Centre.

Additional info: The woman had become pregnant for the second time as per the report.

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