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By Vinershea | Apr 21, 2020 11:29 AM

At a time, when India is saluting and lauding the frontline healthcare workers for their service amid the coronavirus crisis, a doctor in Tamil Nadu, who died of the virus after contacting COVID-19 from a patient, was not given that respect or dignity even after his death.

tamilnadu doctor buries colleague after mob attack covid19 fears

The 55-year-old neurosurgeon, identified as Dr Simon Hercules succumbed to the deadly virus at a private hospital in Chennai on April 19. The doctor was on ventilator support after he developed health issues following testing positive. He suffered a cardiac arrest at 6:15 pm on Sunday at a private hospital. As per medical authorities, the doctor had contracted the infection while treating patients at the hospital.

As the medical team and family, headed to the Kilpauk cemetery to bury the deceased. Locals in the area, protested against this act and did not want the burial to take place. Protesters even threw bricks, stones, bottles and sticks in the presence of police. The body, then had to be shifted to another burial site in Anna Nagar, where medical team and family faced the same plight. The protesters there, attacked the ambulance driver and sanitation workers while the vehicle's windshield was completely broken.

After hours of wait, the family and medical team managed to take the body and move to a different location. Dr Hercules was later buried with police security, a surgeon and two ward boys, who managed to bury him in the middle of the night.

A close friend of Dr Hercules, Dr Bhagyaraj posted a video on social media, where he shared the problems faced by them during the funeral. Watch the video below: 


As per a NDTV report, the Chennai Police have arrested 21 people in this matter.

Even State health secretary Beela Rajesh took to her social media handle and saluted the doctor on Twitter. She posted a note saying, "Salutations to Dr Simon Hercules for his exemplary service in the fight against Covid-19. Let us stand by each and every healthcare worker, they are the real heroes."

Photo Credit: PTI

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