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By S Vikram | Sep 13, 2019 05:07 PM

The accident of Chennai Woman Subhasri while she was riding her two-wheeler, had caused a great public outrage and all of a sudden a massive voice rose against illegal banner culture.

Subha Sri’s accident video in Chennai released- goes viral

Earlier the horrific pictures of her dead body with blood splattered around was released and made the commoner's heart heavy. Today, the video of her accident was released on social media by one of the journalists.  He posted the video along with the text " People who mocked at Subhasri's driving skills and claimed it as the reason for the accident should take a look at this CCTV footage".

Though the video is 1 minute 10 secs long, it was only during the last few seconds that everything happens in a flash.

A few seconds before the accident we see a banner tearing out from the median and oscillating in the air. The water lorry takes a U-turn and by the time, Subhasri's vehicle tries to get past the flying banner, it falls down on her and subsequently, the lorry runs over her out of no choice.