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By S Vikram | Aug 16, 2019 03:49 PM

The increasing number of traffic violations has turned the heads of traffic police who have imposed strict rules anticipating safe and smooth travel of passengers. Recently there was a report that School Education Department of Tamilnadu has issued a new notice according to which students driving two-wheelers should not be permitted to enter the campus.

School students should not be allowed to drive vehicles

As per the report by Polimer, the notification also ordered the teachers driving two-wheelers to wear a helmet. However as per Daily Thanthi, Minister KA Sengottayan has clarified that there was no such order issued by the government.

Further, he said that "It is the responsibility of the concerned traffic authorities to ensure if students are driving with proper license and papers". A few days ago, a fresh list of fines for traffic violations in Chennai was released by the Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) under the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill, which was passed by the Rajya Sabha this year.

The official press release by the GCTP department said that there was a huge rise in the loss of human lives in the city due to the rising number of road accidents. Reportedly the majority of traffic violations were caused by motorists who violated traffic rules by helmet-less riding, over speeding, drunken driving and not wearing a seat belt while driving.

“Since the penalty amount is low, the fines are not making a big impact among motorists. To enforce rules among vehicle users and prevent road accidents and loss of life, the Motor Vehicle Act Amendment Bill was passed in 2019 by the Centre,” the GCTP official was quoted as saying.