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By S Vikram | Feb 20, 2020 03:16 PM

The 21-year-old Nagoor Babu was studying 3rd-year BioMedical at a private college located in Poonamallee, Chennai. He had filed a complaint at Nasaratpet police station accusing the relatives of the girl studying 2nd year in the same college for taking him to a secluded place and torturing him.

poonamallee college boy tortured for teaching junior girl

Nagoor Babu's Complaint as reported by Vikatan is translated below.

I'm studying 3rd year Bio Medial in the collage that is located at Poonamallee. In the same collage, Ramya (name changed) is studying 2nd year Bio Medical. She would ask me doubts over subjects. Therefore we acquainted each other. I treated her as my friend and took photograph with her.

Meanwhile, Anbu who belongs to Nasaratpet threatened me not to talk to Ramya. On February 17, Anbu and his friends came to my college and took me to someone's house. They locked me inside a room and thrashed me with a stick. Also, they threatened to kill me if I continue talking to Ramya.

They sent me out with a warning that restricted me to keep the incident within myself. Then, I went to my hostel. Later one of my relatives saw the injuries on my body and urged me to file a complaint at the police station. Therefore, I would like to take action against Anbu and his friends.

Based on the complaint filed by the student, the police have filed a case under 6 divisions. "We have filed a case and investigating based on the complaint filed by the student. It was the girl's relatives who had tortured the boy. Therefore, further action will be taken upon investigating the girl," said Nasratpet police as per the report.

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