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By Vinershea | May 15, 2020 03:06 PM

As the world is struggling to fight the deadly coronavirus outbreak, an Indian couple in Dubai are living in constant fear and wishes to return back to their country. Both are having a lot of problems as they had spent days in a parking lot after losing their jobs and accommodation. 

jobless man, pregnant wife forced to stay in Dubai parking lot 

The man has been identified as Pradeep Kumar, who worked at a hotel in Dubai. While his wife, Premalatha, who is 32-week pregnant, also worked at a private firm there. With the economic crisis and growing pandemic, both have lost their jobs and accommodation.  

As per Khaleej Times report, the couple hails from Tamil Nadu's Chennai city. Due to the pandemic, both lost their jobs in March and Kumar's employment visa was cancelled while Premalatha's visa expires in June. Since, then both are trying to make ends meet.

Due to all difficulties, the couple could not pay their rent and were forced to spend days in the underground parking lot. To their good luck, a friend and well-wisher offered them temporary accommodation for now. 

"Those few days were terrible. It was our worst time ever. Unfortunately, Premalatha had an abortion once. The doctor said there is a threat now too. She has type-2 diabetes. She lost her job because she fainted too often and has a poor health condition. I lost my job but without settlement of my final dues. We are in a deplorable state," Kumar said.

"We have spent more than a year in Dubai. But can't carry on like this. I can't afford to pay for her medical needs and basic necessities. We approached Consulate General of India in April end when her situation worsened. We didn't make it to priority list for flight to Chennai. The doctor had once given a certificate for air travel but that has expired. Now we hope to land anywhere in Kerala and hopefully reach Chennai from there. Our condition is dismal. We need help," " Kumar added. 

The couple without job and other basic necessity are trying their best to sustain themselves. They are fighting all odds for survival and request for an immediate evacuation from Dubai.

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