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By S Vikram | Aug 21, 2019 05:45 PM

The teaser release of World Tamil Artist's Conference 2020 is scheduled on August 25 (Sunday) in Chennai. The event will be organized by the World Tamil Artist's Association.

Date of World Tamil artist conference and other details

Touted be the first of its kind conference for Tamil Artists around the world, the World Tamil Artist's Association has invited some of the noted Tamil artists including Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy and Sirgali Siva Chidambaram to take part in the grand event.

The conference will reflect the richness of traditional Tamil Art forms and its specialities. Originally, the event will happen at Yazhpanam in 2020 which will be presided over by Chancellor of Yazh University Professor C. Pathbanaban.

Facilitation of Tamil Artists and cultural events will occupy the core portion at the World Tamil Artist Conference, 2020. While the conference is scheduled at Selva Palace K.K.S Street, Yazhpanam in 2020, the teaser release of the function will happen at Hotel Prathap Plaza, Kodambakkam, Chennai at 5.PM on August 25.

World Tamil Artist's Association is headed by Tamil Pandit Pon.Sugandhan and it is founded to encourage the various forms of Tamil art and to address the concerns of Tamil artists around the world. The teaser release function will be headed by Dr.RajaManickam ( Coordinator for India, World Tamil Artist Association). Popular Tamil lyric writers Kabilan and Vivega will also be a part of the teaser release function in addition to other personalities from Tamil fraternity.