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By S Vikram | Aug 30, 2019 11:02 PM

A class 10 student in Madurai who proved herself in sports committed suicide as she was scolded by her parents for not concentrating on studies. The incident has alarmed the school management and the families in Soorathupatti, Madurai.

Class10 Student Madurai commits suicide-fear losing sports

Gayathiri, a class 10 student proved her interests in sports and had won several medals including certificates for participating in many school level sports events. She is the third child of Ravichandran and Azhagu who also has a daughter and son.

Reportedly Gayathiri's interests were inclined more on sports than studies since her childhood. Reports say that she wanted to achieve big in sports but failed to concentrate on studies. Her school management had advised her parents to make her concentrate on studies. Therefore Gayathiri's parents strictly warned her to show interest in studies and perform well in academics.

Unfortunately, the turn of events broke Gayathiri into depression who decided to end her life. On August 29 ( Friday), Gayathiri consumed poison before leaving for school. As she was reaching near the school, she fainted and collapsed. Then, the immediate observers took her to the Vellalur Government hospital where she was given first-aid. Later, she was shifted to Rajaji Government Hospital, Madurai where she breathed her last.

Reports say that the usual pressure given to Class 10 students disturbed Gayathiri who had big plans to achieve in sports and her parents' scolding might have added instant fear over giving up sports for studies.