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By Saradha | May 10, 2020 08:11 PM

Chennai has consistently seen a surge in number of COVID19 cases. While Chennai continues to face difficulties in curbing the spread of the virus in containment zones, few other districts of Tamil Nadu have successfully flattened the curve using few effective containment strategies. 

Chennai shows Rapid rise in cases, while other districts show decline!

Officials from the Chennai Corporation have given statements to media where they have elucidated about the residents’ non- cooperation in Chennai’s containment zones. Many people have stepped out without wearing masks and have failed to follow social distancing norms. 

As per media reports, small shops and salons continue to run in few containment zones. The density of population and the expanse of the area is also making it difficult for the officials to nip the spread of the virus in the bud. 

Whereas few districts have managed to control the spread of the virus through usage of social media, ensuring regular supply of essential goods, establishing strict police check posts upon the residents, among other techniques. 

Mettupalayam has not recorded a new case since April 10. In this part of the state, it was people’s awareness about the disease and cooperation from the civil society that enabled them to flatten the curve

J Innocent Divya, Collector of the Nilgiris District emphasized on the importance of early containment of zones. 

Coimbatore district too combatted the virus in a similar manner by maintaining access to essentials, ensuring people’s cooperation and strengthening public relations in containment areas. 

Tirupur Collector K Vijayakarthikeyan told the media that strict maintenance of perimeter control and largescale disinfection was crucial in Tirupur.

“We used social media to create awareness among the public. We were the first in the state to enforce complete lockdown on Sundays,” Cuddalore District Collector V Anbuselvan told the Times of India. 

In Villupuram, police used barricades earmarking the containment zones and completely stopped people from moving to other places. “We established a police post manned by a cop round the clock and public address system was used if people were found violating the norms” Superintendent of Police S Jeyakumar told the TOI. 

Sealing of containment streets for a 28- day period helped Sivaganga district to battle the virus successfully.

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