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By Nidharshana | May 02, 2020 09:45 PM

The Chennai Metrowater conducted a preliminary study which detected the presence of COVID-19 RNA in a few sewage samples that were collected from the city. For this study, five samples were collected from different sewage pumping locations in the city and was later tested at two laboratories for the presence of COVID-19 Viral RNA.

Chennai Metrowater Detected COVID-19 Viral RNA in Sewage

The World Health Organisation along with the Chennai Metrowater have partnered together to conduct this study. For the first time in India, these samples have tested positive. “However, studies across the world show that detection of virus in sewage is not an indication that the virus may be infectious. COVID-19 transmission does not occur through sewage. The process of sewage treatment, including chlorination, kills the virus,” reported a source to the Hindu.

In Chennai, this method will be used to screen if there are asymptomatic patients in the city. Hence, it will curb the spread of the virus further.

Hence, if an area’s sewage treatment notifies the presence of the COVID-19 Viral RNA, then the cluster living in that area will immediately be alerted and tested for the novel coronavirus. This measure has been cited by various countries including the Netherlands, since the infection will likely begin to ascend within three days of transmission.

If Chennai continues with this method even after the spread subsides, it will act as a great way of monitoring to see if the city has contained the pandemic well.

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