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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Aug 25, 2019 12:51 PM

A Chennai Software Engineer had reportedly cheated 600 women over the promise of getting them IT jobs. Further, the man was alleged to have cyber bullied the women by forcing them to send nude pictures and recording nude videos. 

Chennai IT engineer arrested for cyber bullying 600 woman

The accused was identified as Cloment Raj Cheziyan alias Pradeep and was working for a reputed Software Company in Chennai. He was living with his wife who also works for a software company in Chennai.

Reportedly Cheziyan worked in Night Shifts while his wife was working in day shifts. During the day time, Cheziyan claimed that he was running a Job consultancy company, which was not authorized and fake. Using his contacts, Cheziyan made number of women contact his fake consultancy firm and later promised them assured jobs.

Meanwhile, Cheziyan tried to lure the woman to his interests by making them video calls and asking them to rip off their clothes. He had also threatened to release the nude photos of the women if they failed to satisfy his desire. Most of the women Cheziyan targeted were from other states including Andhra Pradesh.

Later it was revealed that Cheziyan had cyber bullied 600 women from 16 states using their nude pictures. The police reports revealed that 60 women from Hyderabad alone were bullied by Cheziyan.  The police arrested Cheziyan , confiscated 2 cell phones from him and further investigations are underway.