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By S Vikram | Aug 28, 2019 11:34 AM

Tamil Azhagan who belongs to Sengulam, Trichy was an ardent fan of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar who was last seen alive on the night of August 7, the day before Ajith Kumar's NerKonda Paarvai film released in theatres. As per Polimer report, he had gone to erect banner for Ajith Kumar and then went to see his old friends in Ariyamangalam Village. After 2 weeks of Tamil Azhagan's disappearance, it was discovered that he was murdered and burned into ashes by his old friends.

Ajith fan murdered by friends after erecting banner

Tamil Azhagan's father Shanmugathan raised a police complaint after discovering Tamil Azhagan's two-wheeler in Ariyamangalam region last week. As per the reports, Shamuganathan tried contacting Tamil Azhagan's phone which did not go through and he had to file a missing complaint at the Trichy Condonment Police Station. The police officers traced Tamil Azhangan's number and found that he had spoken to a guy called Kaka Karthik on August 7. Therefore, police officers arrested Kaka Karthik, Manikandan and Auto Jagan from Ariyamangalam.

On August 7, Tamil Azhagan informed to his father Shanmuganathan and mother that he will watch the early morning show of Nerkonda Paarvai with his friends and return home the next day. After erecting the banner, he had gone to visit his old friends in Ariyamangalam. Reportedly, Tamil Azhagan consumed alcohol with his old friends including Kaka Karthik. His friends started accusing him of something that involved a girl.

While the conversation heated up, Tamil Azhagan was beaten to death by his 3 friends who then took his body to Ganesapuram graveyard and burned into ashes.  Though the murderers have confessed killing Tamil Azhagan over an issue related to a girl, the police officers have been investigating to get the clear reason for the heinous crime.