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By Anumaggie | Apr 18, 2022 05:51 PM

A few days ago, a physio from the Delhi Capitals team was diagnosed with  Coronavirus infection, but now a report has come out that has caused a stir again.

Delhi Capitals undergo quarantine as player tests COVID positive

The 15th edition of the IPL is currently going on in full swing in India. The Gujarat Titans, led by Hardik Pandya, are at the top of the points table with five wins from 29 league matches so far.

Last year, the IPL series in India was halted midway due to Coronavirus infection in Kolkata players.

Subsequently, the second half of the IPL series was held in the United Arab Emirates. Due to the infection, the current IPL series is being played only at venues in the state of Maharashtra.

Corona in the Delhi team

Meanwhile, a few days ago, it was confirmed that Patrick Farhart, the physio of the Delhi Capitals team, was tested Covid-19 positive. Because of this, he has been isolated and is being closely monitored by the medical team.

Delhi capitals player is in trouble other players isolated

Despite the various phase defenses, the corona infection has spread in the IPL series, causing a stir among the fans. Following this, a massage therapist on the Delhi team was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Guaranteed player too?

It has been reported that a player in the Delhi team has been infected with Coronavirus. While information about the player has not been released, reports say he was a foreign player and had symptoms such as fever and headache.

Problems with the next match?

Rapid antigen testing confirmed that the player was infected with Coronavirus. Due to this, all the players in the Delhi team have been isolated in Mumbai. The IPL management, according to standard guidelines, will confirm Coronavirus infection through RT-PCR testing. Therefore, the RT-PCR test will be conducted on all members of the Delhi team today and tomorrow.

The Delhi team will meet the Punjab team in their next match on Wednesday (20.04.2022) at the Pune ground. But before the test results come out, the Delhi team has been asked not to go to Pune.

Delhi capitals player is in trouble other players isolated

This time around, with 25 per cent of the fans allowed on the field, the news of Coronavirus infection on an IPL player has caused a great deal of sadness amongst the fans.

It is expected that the IPL matches will be decided on the basis of the test results.

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