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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 04, 2019 12:07 PM

On Wednesday, during the 14th over of the MI Vs. CSK match when the loss was visible for CSK, Kurnal Pandya was seen pulling a Mankad warning on Dhoni.

Was Pandya attempting to Mankad Dhoni

While bowling the 5th ball of the over to Kedar Jadhav, when Dhoni was on the non-striker end, Pandya completed his run-up but didn't release the ball to inform Dhoni to stay in the crease.

But the wicketkeeper-batsman had his bat within the crease instinctively and was never away from safety. Dhoni's instinctive reactions in the past during runout moments have always marveled the audience and the players.

"Right instincts for Dhoni. The bat was inside, the ball was in the scene. He does most things right. Just out of instincts, with Dhoni very rarely will you see him do something that is incorrect," said Sanjay Manjrekar seated in the commentary box.

Twitterati had amused reactions for Mankad being attempted on Dhoni. While a few were arguing it was not a Mankad attempt but just something the bowler has done in the past, some were wondering what drama it must have caused if Pandya were to Mankad Dhoni. Most people were amused that someone would even attempt it on a pro like Dhoni.

Kurnal's brother Hardik Pandya pulled off Dhoni's infamous helicopter shot in the same match. Pandya said it was a proud moment and he sees Dhoni as an inspiration and said he hoped Dhoni would congratulate him after the shot. While Dhoni hasn't released a verbal statement yet, he seemed pretty impressed with the shot at the moment. You can see the video here. https://www.iplt20.com/video/161588