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By S Vikram | Jul 25, 2019 08:23 PM

Indian Cricket fans could not keep themselves away when it comes to expressing their patriotism for India when the time is right. A simple tweet by Former England Cricketer Michael Vaughan received fitting replies by Indian fans after 6 months. Earlier, this year India played against New Zealand in which India lost all the 10 wickets for just 92 runs.

Vaughan trolled for mocking at Indian team by fans of India

Michael Vaughan who does not belong to either of the countries picked on Indian team saying, “92 all out India ... Can't believe any team would get bowled out for under a 100 these days" (sic) via his official twitter handle. Though the tweet might have irked hardcore Indian cricket fans, they chose to keep quiet accepting the fact of India’s poor performance.

Interestingly, England went down after scoring just 85 runs against Ireland in the one-off test on July 24 (Wednesday). The unhappy Indian fans who could not respond to Michael Vaughan’s tweet when India fell for 92 runs against New Zeland backtracked their memory, went back to Vaughan’s tweet on January 31 and posted sarcastic replies.

One of the fans slightly edited Vaughan’s earlier tweet by relating it to England’s current performance against Ireland “85 all out England ...  Can't believe any team would get bowled out for under a 100 these days !!!!!! #ENGvIRE”(sic)

According to NDTV Sports, England have lost all the 10 wickets in a single season 4 times since 2016.