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By S Vikram | Jul 10, 2019 11:19 AM

The first semi-final match between India and New Zealand was stopped by rain on July 9, Tuesday while the kiwis were batting at 211/5 after 46.1 overs. Ross Taylor and Tom Latham will continue the rest of the innings for New Zealand once the match resumes at 3 PM today. However, it looks like the weather still has plans to hold the game.

Target based on DLS method for India in semi-finals against NZ

According to the weather forecast by Accuweather, “Skies will often be cloudy through Wednesday, with further heavy showers at times. Some brighter interludes are possible between the showers though,". The current scenario brings us back to the 2002 champions trophy final match between India and Srilanka which was called off due to rain and the trophy was shared by the two subcontinent nations.

Therefore, in the case of wet weather delaying the play and if New Zealand could not finish their remaining innings Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method will come into the picture. Popular sports statistician Mohandas Menon has drafted a tweet mentioning the possible target for India based on the DLS method.

His tweet read, “In case New Zealand doesn't bat again, India's target in 46 overs will be 237,40 overs will be 223, 35 overs will be 209, 30 overs will be 192, 25 overs will be 172, 20 overs will be 148”

There were a total of 4 abandoned matches in the ICC World Cup 2019 so far. As per the latest update by Mohandas Menon, there is only a 0-10% chance of rain today and it is most likely that the match will resume without DLS Method.