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By S Vikram | Jul 15, 2019 08:37 PM

Extras are common in the game of cricket and there were bowlers who conceded an unbelievable number of extras. There were also instances where umpires had given a wide for legal deliveries. But the World Cup 2019 finals reportedly saw a “clear mistake” that most of the trackers and even the on-field players failed to notice. It was revealed by former Umpire Simon Taufel in an interview with Fox Sports Australia as reported by NDTV.

Simon Taufel talked on the extra run given by the umpires

Simon Taufel referred to Martin Guptill’s overthrow which got deflected by Ben Stokes’s bat and went to the boundary.The match umpires Marais Erasmus and Kumar Dharmasena counted the overthrow boundary along with the double scored by the batsmen and awarded 6 runs for the England team.

Reportedly Simon Taufel had said that the batsmen failed to finish their second run which the on-field umpires did not notice. “The umpires should have awarded just 5 runs instead of 6 which was a clear mistake,” added Simon. England batsman Adil Rashid should have faced the last ball instead of Stokes if the batsmen had not completed their second run. One of the points under ‘Rule 19.8: Overthrow or Wilful act of fielder’ also goes in accordance with Simon Taufel’s judgement.

However, Simon Taufel backed the umpires saying “It is unfair to come to a conclusion that it would have changed the game’s result since it happens from time to time in Cricket and probably the umpires would have thought the batsmen would have crossed the crease at the heat of that moment”.

Later, an ICC official had reportedly said to Sky Sports, “The interpretation of rules will be followed by the umpires to take their decisions and we do not comment on them as a matter of policy”. It has to be mentioned that Simon Taufel has got the International Cricket Council’s Umpire of the Year award for 5 times in his career.