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By Vaishvedhidha | Jun 23, 2019 02:15 PM

India won Afghanistan by 11 runs in a thrilling match at Southampton on Saturday. Though India was expected to win this match with much ease, the Afghani bowlers gave Indian team a tough competition. They scored 224/8 by the end of 50 overs.

India will win the World Cup because Dhoni got stumped fan theory

Dhoni, who was expected to swing his bat in every direction getting into action, didn't perform his usual, scoring only 28 in 52 balls during the crucial moment. He was stumped by Ikram Ali Khil in the over bowled by Rashid Khan, the star bowler of Afghanistan.

Though many fans were unhappy with Dhoni for his performance, his fans came to his rescue, supporting him. Some even pointed out a strange coincidence. In the ICC World Cup 2011, in a match against West Indies, Dhoni was stumped. It was the first time he got stumped in ODI and lost his wicket. After that, he got stumped in the match on Saturday.

India won the ICC World Cup 2011 and became champions for the second time after 1983. Dhoni led the team to victory. Some fans have come up with a theory that going by the coincidence, India, who are one among the favourites to win the cup, will win the cup this year becoming the champions for the third time.

Though it could have no corelation to India winning the cup, we will know who becomes the champion as the tournament wraps up.