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By Vaishvedhidha | Jul 11, 2019 11:22 AM

India took on New Zealand at Manchester on Tuesday and Wednesday in ICC World Cup 2019 Semi Finals first match and los the match by 18 runs missing their chance to go to Finals. Fans had mixed emotions and were all disappointed and sad that the top team did not qualify. However, one fan took it to extreme and uploaded a video of himself talking and hitting himself unable to take the defeat.

Disappointed fan hitting himself for India\'s Semifinal loss viral vide

"I thought Virat Kohli would be the second Indian Captain to lift the trophy at Lord's" said the disappointed fan. He was seen hitting himself and cursing himself unable to face the defeat. 

He went on to say "cricket is so cruel, why the sports is so cruel?" and started banging his head against the wall. He continued to say that all the players have been playing well and that it was his fault, fans fault and slaps himself over and over again.

He also spoke about Sanjay Manjrekar calling him a moron and praising Jadeja for bringing the run difference close. He said that he was confident that the team will lift the World Cup and that because of his overconfidence the team had lost. He ended his video saying "God is watching, they will punish people, they will punish me today."

Though India may have lost the Semis, they put a fantastic show throughout the group matches. It is unfortunate that the team lost, but taking it out like this only shows that the audience is not mature enough to handle a sport as a sport. There is victory and loss in every story!