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By Vaishvedhidha | Jul 11, 2019 12:40 PM

After India's top order collapsed it was Dhoni and Jadeja who brought the total close and put an end to the loss of wickets. However, Jadeja was taken for 77 and the partnership broke. What came as the final nail was Dhoni getting runout.

Dhoni runout controversy: Why are fans claiming umpiring error

With Dhoni being there, there was hope for India. India needed 31 runs in 12 balls. He got a six in the first ball and brought the chase even closer. In the third ball, he tried to get 2 runs. While getting the second run, he was runout. With that, there was pin-drop silence in the field.

However, soon a few pictures and videos have been shared by fans stating that the ball was a no ball as there were 6 fielders standing outside the circle when only 5 are allowed which makes it a no-ball.

Though a runout in no ball is still considered a wicket, had the umpire noticed the fielding and changed it or if Dhoni had known it was a no ball, he would not have gone for a second and the runout would not have happened, claims fans.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson also confessed that MS Dhoni run out was the turning point of the game.

"We all know the game is a fine line in a number of ways. But that run-out was significant. We have seen Dhoni finish games from those similar positions on a number of occasions," Kane Williamson said after the match.