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By Vinershea | May 31, 2019 11:56 AM

When its cricket time, it calls for excitement and when former cricketers are in the commentary box then its has to be a lot more better. We all know that former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly is a very good friend of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The duo has shared cricketing records on the pitch like no one else did.

CWC2019: Harbhajan, Sehwag pull Ganguly\'s leg; Sachin watches the fun

Off the field, they were very close and it could be seen over the years. They both shared some of the best memories while opening the batting for India. Even after retiring, Ganguly and Tendulkar share a special bond. However, when it comes to banter no one can beat Sourav Ganguly in a commentary box.

According to sportswiki reports, as part of Cricket World Cup 2019, Ganguly was part of the official commentary team and he did not leave a chance to take a dig at his pal Tendulkar. During the first game of ICC World cup, Ganguly shared the commentary box with his former teammates Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh. Both these cricketers were brought into the team by Sourav Ganguly himself.

So, when their favorite captain entered the commentary box, Harbhajan Singh asked the difference between him (Sourav) and Sachin Tendulkar. The rib-tickling conversation began to which Ganguly said Sachin’s heavier bat helped him being better. In this friendly banter, he also said Tendulkar played more games on flat decks. This drew a great laughter from the two men but they prodded Ganguly to go deeper into the reasons for Sachin's greatness.

The conversation between Ganguly, Harbhajan and Sehwag is just too hilarious and you can't miss:

Harbhajan Singh asked Ganguly "what was the difference between you and Sachin Tendulkar, that makes Sachin better?" To which Ganguly said "see, he used a heavy bat. (All laugh), Virender Sehwag pitches in saying, "But Dada you also had a heavier bat", to which Ganguly spontaneously replied, "Yes, it used to be heavy but not like Tendulkar."

Further continuing his questions- Harbhajan asked again "Dada, was there any difference in the technique or mindset – because other legends have also played alongside him but they could not achieve what Sachin got in his career" not willing to leave any opportunity to take a dig at his favourite captain; Sourav Ganguly had an epic reply saying, "see, he used to have a heavier bat and played on the flat decks in ODI format. He used to open and played decently in his career." This explanation left Viru and Bhajji in splits.

During the conversation, it seemed like Dada was in a good mood and continued to troll his great friend (Sachin). "When we opened together in ODIs, if he was in good form, I had to take first strike. When he wasn't in good form, still I had to take first strike. Along with that, he could also play well. He had a lot of time while facing pace bowling and could adjust his game according to conditions, whether they were bouncy or swing and seam-friendly. That was a special ability in him." (They all laugh together with Sachin hiding his face).

Further when Harbhajan asked Ganguly whether he and Sachin shared any lighter moments while batting, to which Ganguly smiled and said that he couldn't fully divulge the words used by them while conversing with each other. "There is a word in Hindi that I cannot use here but when both of were under pressure, when the ball was seaming and swinging, we used to joke about it using that word." Which made them laughing again.

Ganguly then continued to say, "There you can see, sitting to our left, the greatest player of our and even the current generation. He will be in London for two months. People like us have to work while he is enjoying a holiday here," while Tendulkar himself could be seen laughing heartily at this banter.

Ganguly concluded by saying that he considers himself fortunate to have played in the same era as Tendulkar. The fun in the commentary box with so many memories, surely made cricket fans enjoy the chat. On hearing this conversation, it surely tells us that Ganguly, Sehwag, Harbhajan and Tendulkar had fun while commentating together and it was a moment to savour for all fans worldwide.

While going back to the match, England thumped their way to victory against South Africa. The hosts won comfortably with 104 run margin in the World Cup opener.

Watch the video below: